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Westover Crossfit is available to both members AND non-members of The West Hants club*

The best thing to do is try it! Your 1st session is on me. Yep, FREE SESSION! Book onto any ‘CrossFit’ session now (class descriptions below)

If you like it, check out the membership options (found in the 'memberships' section of the booking system). Once a member, you can chose to come to any of the sessions on the schedule.

Technique - Consistency - Intensity


Like all new activities, the more time and focus you put into mastering the basics, the stronger and wider your base will be to build upon. The key when starting out with the more technical or 'heavy' weighted movements is scaling, and this is where both the CrossFit programme and coach combine to make the magic happen. Ensuring you the best and safest route to progressing your health and fitness to new levels!


Yes, ‘high intensity’ is one of the cornerstones of CrossFit, but this should never be at the sacrifice of safe and effective technique, especially when training with weights. A common saying we have is "leave the ego at the door!"

CrossFit is constantly varied functional movements performed at high intensity. All CrossFit workouts are based on functional movements, and these movements reflect the best aspects of gymnastics, weightlifting, running, rowing and more.

Class descriptions – what to expect

Regular CrossFit classes:

A CrossFit session, although constantly varied, will generally consist of a group warm up, time spent on mobility, technique, skill, or strength development, and a WOD (workout of the day).


The CrossFit prescription is ‘Constantly varied, Functional movements, performed at high intensity’ and my aim is to stay true to this within every single session.


To attend the regular sessions you must have either taken part in at least one unloaded session, talked to us about your experience and/or training history, or trained at another CrossFit location (proof may be required)

Olympic Lifting:

With a focus on the Olympic lifts (Clean & Jerk and Snatch), we move slightly away from the 'constantly varied' methodology and apply a more structured, periodised approach. This helps maximise time spent on the more technical aspects of these complex movements. This will help when they pop up in regular WODs as you will have more of an understanding, feel, and improved movement patterns, LIFTING IS FUN! 


Each session there will be a focus on one or two of the more technical bodyweight movements, and the breakdowns and progressions to master and understand them. There certainly isn't a requirement to already be able to do these things! In fact, these sessions are a great chance to practice things away from the intensity of a timed or scored workout. This way, when they do next pop up in a regular CrossFit session you will be better equipped to choose the correct scaling options for yourself.

Engine Room:

Cardio. Just cardio! Typically 30-45mins of it. We keep the movements simple so that we can just focus on the desired intensity. A great calorie burner and fitness booster. Movements will likely include different combinations the Row, Ski and Bike machines, also Running, Burpees, Step-ups amongst other such activities in varying formats. Prepare to sweat but also feel alive!

Are you a travelling CrossFitter?

Visiting Bournemouth? Want to keep your training up? You will be more than welcome to come train with us, contact me to arrange a session.

*Non-members of the West Hants Club have 30mins either side of a session to enter and exit the club. This allows time to arrive to prepare beforehand, and use the shower and changing room facilities afterwards. If you would like to use the club for longer than this for socialising, or eating and drinking in the cafe, bar and restaurant, a social membership is available at a cost of £10 a month For all other membership categories please ask the membership team or visit the club website.

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