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I’ve been in the health and fitness industry for over 15 years now, predominantly as a personal trainer and Strength and Conditioning coach. I have been lucky enough to attend some amazing conferences, seminars, and workshops, learning from some incredible speakers and coaches from all over the world.

I’m sure many peoples first impression of CrossFit would be the same as all the other fads, dismissing it after having had their fingers burnt by false promises in the past. I must confess when I first heard about it years ago this was my initial reaction. It all changed when I did my first WOD (Workout of the day). I will always remember it, Barbara, I even had to scale this 'seemingly simple' 5 round circuit to 3 rounds!

That’s all it took, I was hooked! Shortly after following some of the CrossFit.com WODs I decided to take the next step and read the manual, I printed off a copy and couldn’t put it down. For the first time here was something that was ticking all the boxes that I knew were needed to get results. A few months later I was hungry for more so I took my CrossFit L1 coaches course.

Reading the manual, many journal articles and taking my L1 turned out to be the link that was missing in both my formal education and my practical experience. Everything just all fell into place. I immediately knew that this program had what people needed:

• Simple in its appearance due to the lack of

machines, gadgets, isolation movements and

general fluff, a strong focus on real training not ‘entertraining’


• Complex, well written and presented,
understandable and non-anecdotal underpinning theory.

• Challenging, effective and completely scalable

for any level athlete.

• Rewarding and enjoyable through learning

new skills, competing against yourself and others,

and being part of a community of like minded people.

My overall health and fitness is my personal testimonial
to the Crossfit program. Across all of the 10 fitness disciplines my performance has dramatically increased since following this lifestyle. I want to help as many people start, and/or guide them through this amazing journey as possible.

This has led to me becoming an official CrossFit affiliate, allowing me to coach others in the theories and practices of this amazing form of training.

To take your next step into becoming a CrossFit athlete, head over to the Get Started page for information on getting involved.

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BSc (Hons) GSR, CF-L1

I was briefly introduced to CrossFit in 2010 whilst working in Northern Ireland with the MoD, but apart from the 7 days of DOMS in my triceps something didn’t quite stick and I continued with my passion for Mountain Biking and this strange addiction to Triathlon. However following the long and painful experience that was Wimbleball Ironman 70.3, I was re-introduced to CrossFit by my good friend Chris Gibbs [now the proud affiliate owner and Head Coach of Upper Hutt CrossFit in New Zealand] and from then I was hooked, i think in part because it didn’t take me 7 hours to finish this workout, or WOD as I would later learn it was called.


I have a strong sporting background; competing from a young age in swimming representing at; club, school & county level and in later years I competed within the military. In most recent years participating in various CrossFit competitions.


I love participating in CrossFit whether it's training myself, coaching a class or attending a competition. At the gym, you’ll either find me working on my lifts or trying my best to improve the gymnastic elements that I find so difficult (which makes it all the more satisfying when make gradual progressions).


Being able to help someone perfect their squat or just getting their first pull up. If I am able to help or inspire at least one person a day, then its a very good day.